Confidently drive a win-win result, leading to higher margins and satisfied customers.

Salespeople often navigate through a long and complex sales cycle only to cave on price and deliver a lower-than-expected margin—or worse, lose the sale altogether. Helping Clients Succeed: Negotiate Win-Win prepares salespeople to drive win-win results, leading to higher margins and satisfied customers.

They will learn to set aggressive yet realistic targets and become better negotiators by effectively managing pressure, exchanging value, and handling objections. 

Course Introduction:

Helping Clients Succeed: Negotiate Win-Win

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Course Details

Helping Clients Succeed engages leaders and their teams in learning spaced over time through weekly learning and application. Each track includes multiple learning modalities, reinforcement microlearning, and powerful sales tools built within the flow of work. 


  • Effectively anchor during a customer negotiation.  
  • Create quality negotiation plans to yield win-win results.  
  • Recognize and address customer pushbacks and objections.  
  • Effectively exchange value and gain win-win agreements. 
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Helping Clients Succeed®: Negotiate Win-Win

Prepares salespeople to drive a win-win result, leading to higher margins and satisfied customers.

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