Understand Bias to Unleash Potential

This webcast is a brief executive overview to help decision-makers understand FranklinCovey’s approach to identifying and addressing bias in their organization.

Addressing Bias Ensures Your People Can Thrive

While some of our biases are conscious, many of them are unconscious and influence the thoughts we have, decisions we make, how we engage with others, and how we respond to various circumstances, often limiting potential.

To create thriving cultures, leaders need to face bias with courage and create spaces where everyone is respected, included, valued, and truly able to contribute their best. When leaders and team members address bias, performance increases and decision-making improves.

In this live 60-minute webcast, we will highlight:

  • The impact of bias on behaviors, decisions and performance
  • A tightly integrated model for making progress on bias in your organization
  • The three bias traps that our brains are constantly facing
  • How to shift from a compliance-based approach to diversity training to a more practical, action-oriented approach grounded in behaviors

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Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential™

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