Create A High-Trust Culture

Everyone’s genius is recognized and they are empowered to do their best work.

Build a culture where students and staff thrive

Move from leading a district where culture just happens​ to leading a district where a high-trust culture is created intentionally from the inside out.

We help instill habits of effectiveness, trust, and interpersonal skills in your leaders and teams, resulting in higher engagement, more innovation, and better district outcomes.

We work with you to create a culture where every staff member can say: “I’m a valued member of a winning team doing meaningful work in an environment of trust.”

Benefits of a High-trust culture

  • Build trusting relationships between all district stakeholders.

    As you build trusting relationships, you:

    • Develop leaders who model credibility and inspire trust in others as you instill shared paradigms and a common language that unifies teams district-wide.  
    • Establish a high-trust, supportive environment that empowers people to do their best and most meaningful work.
  • Improve recruitment and retention of district personnel.

    As you lead a district culture that prioritizes the individual, you:

    • Retain top talent at every level.
    • Increase district-wide productivity and decrease hiring and onboarding costs. 
    • Drive recruitment efforts by leveraging the satisfaction of actively engaged teammates.
  • Promote healthy work habits across the district.

    As you make choices that balance the need for physical and psychological safety, you:

    • Protect the spaces where others are empowered to innovate, collaborate, and take risks.
    • Prioritize belonging and trusting relationships as critical aspects of safety. 
    • ​Increase engagement and persistence among district and school personnel.
Leader in Me School Culture

Leader in Me empowers staff, students, parents, families, and caregivers to find and share their voice and use their genius to help create a strong sense of belonging and a culture of achievement. When you walk into a Leader in Me school, everything from the decoration on the walls to the activities in the classroom communicates the worth and potential of students and staff.

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