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Join World-Renowned Bestselling Authors Stephen M. R. Covey & Chris McChesney as they Discuss the Leader’s Paradox: Results or Relationships?

To stay alive as an organization, results matter. To thrive as an organization, how results are driven matters insurmountably more.

Intuitively, leaders know this. Yet, the common practice—intentionally or not—is to trade long-term success for short-term results, ultimately leading to human relationship failure. The best-performing organizations create high-trust environments where people work together and have a system to achieve measurable results.

Join Stephen and Chris as they discuss:

  • Why 80% of organizations fail to achieve their strategic goals.
  • The blueprint to turn strategy execution into your organization’s engagement superpower.
  • Why employees who trust their leaders are 260% more motivated to work, and how leaders can develop this kind of trust.*
  • The learnable leadership style that accelerates speed and decreases the cost at which results are attained.

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*Dunlop, and Ashley Reichheld. “How to Build a High-Trust Workplace”. (January 24, 2023) MIT Sloan Management Review.

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